Tamiya RC Kits

Voltage Models is the home to the UK's largest selection of Tamiya RC Kits, we specialise in Tamiya products, especially Tamiya RC Kits. You can purchase Tamiya RC Kits from our online store or you can visit us in-store in Chichester, West Sussex.

The Tamiya Legacy

In the remote control industry, Tamiya has long been recognised as a pioneer due to its unmatched quality and inventiveness. With a decades-long legacy, Tamiya has gained the respect and confidence of RC enthusiasts all over the world. If you bring up RCs to anyone, Tamiya will almost definitely be mentioned first.

Superior Quality

The outstanding quality of Tamiya RC Kits is one of their main draws. Every feature of a Tamiya product, from the engineering to the materials used, embodies the brand's dedication to quality. Whether you're building a sophisticated model or a beginner-level kit, you can rely on Tamiya to provide excellent performance.