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Traxxas Accessories

Look no farther than the extensive selection of Traxxas Accessories to improve your remote control (RC) car. These accessories are made with the same commitment to quality and creativity that characterises the Traxxas brand and are intended to elevate your remote control experience.

Boost Your Performance

The purpose of Traxxas Accessories is to improve the performance of your remote-control vehicle. Whether you're looking to increase speed, improve handling, or enhance overall functionality, Traxxas offers a range of performance-driven upgrades. These accessories, which range from sophisticated telemetry systems to high-capacity batteries and expertly designed shock absorbers, are made to optimise the performance of your Traxxas vehicle.


With Traxxas Accessories that support customisation, you can show off your own style and make your remote-controlled vehicle stand out. Examine a wide range of personalisation choices, including as LED lighting kits, body shells, and decals. Make your Traxxas car a distinctive representation of your personal style, and it will not only run well on the track or trail but also look the part.