Tamiya Warranty

At Voltage Models, we take great pride in offering products of the highest quality, and to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase, we provide an exclusive one-year warranty period on all of the primary components of every Tamiya Model that we stock and sell. The fact that we are willing to stand behind the quality and longevity of the products we provide is demonstrated by this warranty. Tamiya Models are backed by our guarantee of quality craftsmanship, and our warranty protects all of the important parts that are necessary for the model to function properly.

When Does My Tamiya Warranty Start?

Your warranty period starts on the day of the day of product delivery.

Components That Are Protected Under the Warranty:

Our guarantee lasts for a full year and covers a variety of important parts, including as the motor, the electronic speed controller (ESC), the differentials, the dampers, and the suspension. We are aware of the significance of these components in making certain that your Tamiya Model will operate and perform at its absolute best, and the fact that we are offering a warranty on them demonstrates our faith in their dependability.

Warranty Limitations and Exceptions:

It is important to be aware that certain parts are not covered by this warranty, despite the fact that we do cover the fundamental components that are responsible for the performance of your Tamiya Model. Batteries, the body, and tyres are examples of "breakables" that are not covered by the warranty. This exclusion is normal in warranties and is consistent with the practices that are common in the industry.

How to Contact Voltage Models with Questions About the Warranty:

If you experience any problems with your Tamiya Model or have any queries regarding the warranty for it, our specialised team of Voltage Models representatives is ready to help you. You can reach us at info@voltagemodels.com or by calling our office at the following number: 01243 859444. Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 9 am and 5:30 pm, our customer service team is here to assist you. We are prepared to address your worries and provide the assistance you require, regardless of whether you choose the ease of email or the directness of a phone conversation to communicate with us about them.

Voltage Models places a high value on its clients, and our dedication to providing high-quality products goes well beyond the sale of your Tamiya model. You may make an informed decision with the knowledge that our guarantee demonstrates our commitment to the success of our customers and the products they purchase from Tamiya Models.