Tamiya R/C Trucks

Tamiya Trucks are the epitome of engineering precision and scale model realism. They provide enthusiasts with an immersive and authentic experience in duplicating some of the most iconic and powerful trucks on the road. They are designed with great attention to detail and a commitment to quality. 

Famous for their unmatched scale realism are Tamiya Trucks. These miniatures capture the spirit of their full-sized counterparts by accurately replicating the fine characteristics of actual vehicles. Tamiya Trucks provide an aesthetically pleasing and genuine portrayal, with realistic body shapes and precisely replicated emblems and features. The variety of styles and types of trucks available in Tamiya's portfolio is impressive. Whether you have a predilection for vintage semi-trucks, contemporary tractor-trailers, or specialty off-road trucks, Tamiya has a wide variety of models to suit your needs.

Carson Truck Trailers

Carson trailers are model trailers that are often used in the hobby of remote control (RC) trucking. Usually constructed from premium materials like plastic or aluminium, these trailers are intended to last a long time. Tank trailers, container trailers and flatbed trailers are just a few of the trailer models that Carson has available for transporting various kinds of cargo. Many features that enhance the realism of the models are included with these trailers, like detachable wheels, adjustable suspension, and functional lights. Among RC fans, Carson trailers are well-liked and frequently utilised in contests and events.