Traxxas Link Wireless Module

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  • Compatible With Android 4.4 And Up
  • Compatible With Apple iOS 7.0 and Later
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Powered By TQi Transmitter
  • Requires A Traxxas TQi Transmitter

Traxxas Link Wireless Module

With the Traxxas Link Wireless Module, your iOS or Android smartphone becomes an effective Traxxas model tuning tool. Adjust your car's settings to perfection and establish a wireless connection with your device. Not only can the complex capabilities of the TQi radio system be adjusted using an easy-to-use, visual interface, but a customisable dashboard also makes real-time Telemetry accessible. Get set to unleash the Traxxas Link Wireless Module's full potential for the TQi 2.4GHz radio system.

Installing supplementary telemetry sensors lets you view real-time data with stunning high-definition images. Check the battery voltage, the temperature of your motor or speed control, and your actual speed.

When transferring your transmitter to an inexperienced driver, use the Traxxas Link app's Training Mode to reduce power and speed by half until the new driver gains control over the device. It's only with Traxxas!

Adjust your model using an Apple or Android device. With the help of the Traxxas Link app's user-friendly interface, you can quickly create and store custom settings. With a few screen touches, you may fine-tune the steering rate or braking %, specify servo endpoints, or reverse a servo direction.

The Traxxas Link App requires an Android device running 4.4 or higher, or an iOS 7.0 or later Apple device to function. Traxxas Link requires a TQi receiver installed in the model and a Traxxas TQi transmitter with Traxxas Link Wireless Module for full functioning. Your model may need to have Traxxas telemetry sensors installed to use telemetry features.


Traxxas Link Bluetooth Wireless Module Key Features:

  • Suitable with Apple iOS 7.0 and later versions or Android 4.4 and higher
  • Utilise the robust Traxxas Link app, which is accessible on Google Play and the App Store.
  • Use supplementary sensors to view real-time telemetry.
  • Low-power Bluetooth
  • Pairing devices is quick and easy.
  • TQi transmitter power source
  • Contained within the transmitter body
  • Installs quickly and easily—in just a few minutes



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