Traxxas Stampede

Popular remote-controlled monster truck Traxxas Stampede is renowned for its strength and excellent performance. The Stampede is built tough with a long-travel suspension, waterproof electronics, and off-road racing in mind. It can tackle any challenge that comes its way. With its XL-5 Electronic Speed Control and robust Titan 12-Turn motor, the Stampede can accelerate and move quickly. Users can further improve performance by upgrading parts like tyres, shocks, and gearing thanks to its fully customisable design. With its brushed or brushless options, the Stampede is adaptable to a variety of skill levels and tastes. For those new to RC vehicles or seasoned enthusiasts searching for heart-pounding excitement, the Traxxas Stampede delivers unparalleled quality and performance in the realm of remote-controlled vehicles.

Traxxas RC is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality remote-controlled vehicles, renowned for their innovative designs and top-notch performance. Since its founding in 1986, Traxxus has continuously refined RC technology by incorporating state-of-the-art components such sophisticated suspension systems, waterproof electronics, and brushless motors. They have a large selection of trucks, vehicles, and boats in their product catalogue (all of which are available at Voltage Models) that are designed to satisfy the demands of both novice hobbyists and seasoned enthusiasts. Due to their reputation for dependability and longevity, Traxxus RC cars are well-liked by both recreational and competitive racers. Traxxus remains at the forefront of the business, offering customers worldwide thrilling and captivating remote work experiences, all thanks to a strong emphasis on research and development.