Traxxas XL-5 Waterproof ESC

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  • Built-in two-stage low voltage detection (LVD) for Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery use
  • Innovative water-sealed design
  • 15-turn motor limit for 540 size motors
  • 12-turn motor limit for 550 size motors
  • Fully-proportional forward, reverse, and braking control
  • Programmable with three drive profiles: Sport Mode – Fwd / Brake / Rev ; Race Mode – Fwd / Brake ; Training Mode – 50% Fwd / Brake / 50% Rev
  • EZ-Set push-button setup
  • Multi-colour LED
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Efficient, low-loss MOSFET design
  • Smooth, high-frequency operation
  • Easy installation in Traxxas models
  • Backed by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics warranty


Designed and engineered by Traxxas, the XL-5 Electronic Speed Control handles the elements while smoothly supplying power to the motor. This high-performance ESC is packed with impressive specifications that are normally only found on more expensive high-end replacement units. The XL-5 features a completely waterproof design, three throttle profiles, Thermal Shutdown Protection, 4-7 cell compatibility, and built-in BEC. High frequency operation combined with ultra-low resistance make the XL-5 an efficient and ultra-smooth fully proportional speed control. An exclusive feature on the XL-5 is the patented Training Mode. This profile reduces the overall power output of the XL-5 by 50% making it easier for young or new drivers to develop their control skills before unleashing full-power operation. XL-5 is equipped with two-stage low-voltage detection (LVD) to allow LiPo battery use. The XL-5 is manufactured by Traxxas to ensure the highest level of quality and support. The XL-5 is backed by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty.

Patented Training Mode - An exclusive feature that places the XL-5 ahead of the pack is the patented Training Mode. This feature reduces the overall power output of the XL-5 by 50% making it easier for new drivers to control their model. When they're ready, simply change profiles to unleash full-throttle action. Only Traxxas has it!

Traxxas Revolutionary High-Current Connector

The XL-5 ESC is equipped with the patented Traxxas high-current connectors for restriction-free current flow.

Revolutionary concepts come in all shapes and sizes, and the patented Traxxas High-Current Connector defines the standard for efficiency, ease of use, and high-current handling. Traxxas iD-Equipped Power Cell batteries include new Traxxas High-Current Connectors as standard equipment.

With today's brushless motors and high-density, high-discharge battery packs, using a wimpy connector is like attaching a garden hose to a fire hydrant. The pressure is there but the flow is strangled with resistance. Traditional connectors are simply not up to the task.

The Traxxas High-Current Connector flows current like a fire hose with virtually zero voltage loss from power-robbing resistance. The Traxxas connector is a better-engineered solution for real-world use. Large, textured surfaces on the plug bodies are easy for fingers to grip and the clever reverse-polarity protection makes Traxxas connectors virtually impossible to plug in backwards. Shrouded wire connections eliminate the extra steps to install heat shrink tubing. Beefy, gold-plated copper terminals with large, spring-loaded contact areas ensure a perfect connection every time. Even after thousands of uses, Traxxas connectors maintain their precision feel and incredibly low resistance.

More than a Connector

The new High-Current connector is more than just another connector, it's a virtual fail-safe. Each High-Current connector is specifically designed to mate with the proper charger. For LiPo batteries, the new High-Current connector eliminates the need for fumbling with a clumsy external balance lead. Traxxas has given the ability for iD Power Cell LiPo batteries to be balanced through the High-Current connector. Whichever iD Power Cell battery is used, the advantage of the High-Current connector is significantly safer and more efficient charging. It's all accomplished while meeting Traxxas' strict power delivery and high performance standard.

Traxxas High-Current Connector Features
  • All electric Traxxas models are equipped with Traxxas High-Current Connectors
  • Built in balance plug on LiPo batteries
  • Keyed to only plug into the correct style Traxxas charger
  • Shrouded wire connections
  • Wide surface area, gold-plated terminals
  • Reverse polarity protection makes it impossible to connect backwards
  • Textured surface for easy gripping
  • Secure, positive locking spring loaded terminals for consistent contact
  • Multiple locking barbs keep terminals secure
  • Durability: 1,000+ connections with no resistance gain
  • Traxxas Connector has 24.5 times less resistance than a Molex connector


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